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Has your program structure changed?

21 Apr 2021

Some program structures and course offerings have changed. Make sure you follow the right program structure when planning your enrolment.

Plan early and seek advice if needed to ensure you enrol correctly.

  1. Regularly check the Curriculum Changes information on Blackboard see of your program, major, minor or specialisation is listed and, if so, follow any enrolment instructions provided.
  2. Visit the 'What will I study?' tab on your program page. Use the buttons at the top of the page to select that you are a ‘new or continuing student’, then select your location, starting year and starting semester.
  3. Check your program structure and use the current recommended study sequence to check when courses are offered and if they have any requisites. If your program, major, minor or specialisation has been impacted by curriculum changes, also consider those instructions when planning your enrolment.

Your program structure from your commencing year and semester will now be displayed and lists the courses you are required to complete for your degree. Always refer to your commencing program structure to view the courses you are required to complete.

The recommended study sequence displays the optimal order to complete the courses in the current version of the program, not your commencing structure. If any courses in your commencing program structure are not in the displayed recommended study sequence, search for the course code on the USC website to view the current offerings and requisites.

For instructions on how to identify your remaining courses and plan for enrolment, visit managing your progression.