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How to find balance when life is busy

4 Jun 2021

We all have a life outside of uni and it can make prioritising study a bit of a challenge. Education student Sharni shares her tips for juggling study, a small business and three kids.

Making the first step toward study 

Biting the bullet and enrolling into a degree was something I had been considering for the better half of three years. I honestly wasn’t sure if I could juggle running a small business, having kids and uni but I reached out to USC to see what options I had in terms of flexibility and support. 

I was pleasantly surprised at how much support was available for first-year students and parents. Knowing there were options if I ever had to bring any of my children along made me feel confident, and that if I was to have any issues with studying there was plenty of targeted support services available. 

Embrace the juggle (and struggle) 

The juggle is real when it comes to balancing everything, life is definitely busy and at times chaotic. However, I find coming to campus so rewarding! My uni days are strictly spent on campus. I come in early to listen to my lectures and stay late to study and write assignments. Being on campus helps me to stay on track and doesn't afford me time to procrastinate and be side-tracked by work and my kids.  

Make uni about YOU 

Uni gives me an identity outside of my home life. I am able to connect with like-minded people which in turn fills my social cup and it improves my ambition. Studying at USC makes me feel a part of a community and the truth is I didn’t realise how much I would enjoy learning after so many years off. I know that it will be a challenging few years ahead, however becoming a qualified Primary Education teacher will definitely pay off in the future - the challenge will be worth the reward.