Emergency fire / smoke procedure - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Emergency fire / smoke procedure

For all campus emergencies call 5430 1168 or Ext 1168.

If signs of smoke and/or fire DIAL 000 for Emergency Services.

On becoming aware of a fire or smoke
  1. Assist any person in immediate danger, but only if safe to do so.
  2. Activate the nearest Manual Call Point or ring 000.
  3. Contact SafeUSC (Security) Ext 1168 or 5430 1168.
  4. Where appropriate and safe to do so, close any doors and windows to minimise the spread of the fire.
  5. Attempt to extinguish the fire if safe to do so, using available fire fighting equipment.
  6. Follow directions given by ECO* personnel (Wardens) or SafeUSC (Security) and Emergency Services to evacuate the building, and assist with the evacuation of disabled occupants.
  7. Be aware of, and avoid moving into smoke filled areas.
  8. Follow closely the instructions of relevant Emergency Services personnel, ECO* personnel or SafeUSC (Security).
  9. Move to the nominated Evacuation Assembly Area, and do not leave the Evacuation Assembly Area until the 'All Clear' has been given.

Always refer to Emergency communications in the event of an emergency for latest announcements.

Go to Emergency procedures for other procedures or Safety and Security for general information.

* (ECO) Emergency Control Organisation