Mac Tuomi - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Mac Tuomi

High school attended: Shalom College

Degree: Bachelor of Laws  

Target graduation date: 2021

My journey: I came straight to University after school and studied teaching for one year. After realising that it wasn’t for me, I took a gap year and ended up travelling Europe for a few months. Part-way through that year, I decided to change to a Bachelor of Laws and haven’t looked back since!

Career aspirations: My plan is to graduate and become a lawyer on the Sunshine Coast!

Why did you become an Ambassador? The job appealed to me as someone who loves talking to people and values a dynamic work experience. USC has much to offer and I am thrilled about the opportunity to share my experiences with prospective students.

What do you like about USC? The best part about USC is that students are able to make gainful connections to both their peers and the teaching staff! Smaller class sizes are also conducive to student engagement and the teaching staff are always happy to have a chat.