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Career profiler: Getting savvy in social media

5 Aug 2019

You may scowl at your child for spending too much time on social media, however this fast-growing digital industry is paving the way for USC graduate Steph Kaye. After completing a Bachelor of Business (Marketing), Steph is now working as a Social Media Manager and Agency Brand Content Director at a local Social Media agency founded by another USC graduate, Bronte Cresswell.

A day in the life of Steph includes a lot of coffee, identifying consumer trends to build social media strategies and content, as well as managing social media accounts for many companies.

USC Parent Lounge recently spoke with Steph about what it’s like to work behind the scenes in social media.

What did you study at USC? I completed a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) at USC in 2018.

Why did you decide to study this? I hadn’t quite yet pinpointed what career I wanted, so I decided to study this degree because it gave me lots of options and allowed me to study a broad range of fields within the business marketing industry.

What was your favourite thing about your degree? How did it prepare you? My favourite thing about my degree was that I could study many industries. It gave me the understanding and knowledge of how a project comes to life from each aspect and how they all worked together to create the final result.

Describe your experience of USC? My favourite thing about USC is that it was so close to the beach - oh and all the kangaroos! On a more serious note, I really appreciated the relaxed feel of the campus. It helped make study not feel so overwhelming (which let's be honest it can be at the best of times). However, the staff were always supportive and receptive.

What are you doing now? How would you describe your journey since graduating? What have been some of your proud moments? I am a Social Media Manager & Agency Brand Content Director at Dash of Milk Social Media Agency. Post-graduation I still wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do but studying a broad degree meant I was able to choose from a number of avenues to go down. I was quite lucky in the sense that after interning I landed a job with a small company that was so fresh and was about to rebrand into an agency. In saying that, some of my proudest moments since graduation have revolved around playing a fundamental role in growing a new Social Media agency on the coast.

What does an ‘average’ day in your job look like? I spend most of my day glued to either a laptop or phone, this means I'm always reachable and can easily keep up to date with client accounts. Depending on the week of the month, my projects are focused across creating social media strategies for brands or companies, managing social accounts, creating drafts, upskilling or producing content for the agency. In amongst all of that, there is always multiple cups of coffee or tea (it’s mandatory - trust me).

How is your industry changing? Working in the digital industry means its ever changing and more often than not, without much notice. As technology advances so does the way consumers utilise it and the digital space as a whole.

What is something about your career/industry that many people don’t know? I don’t spend as much time on social media as you would think. A lot of my job consists of working behind the scenes identifying consumer trends and how they utilise the digital space to interact with brands and make purchase decisions. Doing this means I can get the best results for my clients!

What is your favourite thing about your job/career? It’s ever changing and due to the digital nature of it, you can easily try your hand at different aspects of creative projects. I also love that no doors are closed in terms of career options, there is the opportunity to excel as far and wide as you can dream.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about a career in your area? Get savvy!  It’s not necessarily always about having the most knowledge it’s about having the skills to quickly adapt to change and be prepared to be always upskilling to keep up with the fast-changing nature of the industry.

If your child is interested in a career in Social Media, USC has recently introduced a Bachelor of Communication (Social Media). Applications are now open to study in 2020.

Career profiler - Steph Kaye

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