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Need a translator? Common university terms explained

8 Dec 2016

The journey from high school to university is exciting, but it can also be confusing. Over the next few weeks you’re likely to come across a couple of unfamiliar terms. Here’s a cheat sheet for some common uni lingo.

Offer – Your offer is for a place in a particular degree program. When you apply, you list programs in order of preference, and we’ll make you an offer based on these. If you don’t receive an offer for your first preference by 16 January it means you haven’t secured a place in that program in the main offer round. Don’t panic – you can ‘conditionally accept’ the lower preference offer and still be considered for a place in your first preference program later on.

Program – At USC, your program is the degree you are enrolled in (eg Bachelor of Business).

Accept – Once you receive an offer for a program you want to study, you need to accept it! The trick is to let both QTAC and USC know. After you log in to QTAC’s Application Services portal and accept your offer there, you’ll receive an email from USC. Use this to log in to USC Central and respond to your offer with us.

Conditionally Accept – You’re accepting, with conditions. This is great if you have received an offer for a lower preference program but still want to be considered for higher preferences. If you ‘conditionally accept’ your offer through QTAC you will automatically be considered for higher preferences in later offer rounds. You can also conditionally accept and then change your preferences to include new programs (but you should do this as soon as you receive your offer).

Change of Preference – If your OP was better than expected (or wasn’t quite what you expected) and you want to reshuffle your preferences, you need to submit a change of preference before the next offer round. You do this via QTAC’s Application Services portal. Visit the QTAC website for more info about change of preference.

Enrolment – Seems easy enough, but before you enrol you need to accept your offer with both QTAC and USC. See ‘Accept’ above. Once you’ve accepted, you can enrol in your first-year courses through USC Central. Check out Getting Started at USC for advice on how to plan your study and enrol in your courses.

Course – A course is a subject studied as part of your program. A course usually takes one semester to complete. Your program has required (or compulsory) courses, and may have elective courses that let you choose what you want to study.

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