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Career mentoring for UniSC students

Prepare for your future career, build your networks, and benefit from the insights of UniSC graduates who have been in your shoes.

UniSC students from any year, program or campus can participate in the online UniSC Mentoring program as a mentee by registering via the UniSC Mentoring platform (powered by Firsthand). Contact a mentor of interest to request a 30-minute career conversation. You can request consultations with one or more mentors!

As a student mentee, you can:

  • Expand your professional networks
  • Gain industry insight
  • Broaden your future career pathways
  • Work towards your future career goals

Before registering as a student mentee, please read the information below to understand how the program works, expectations, and questions to consider asking your mentor.

Information for Mentees (Students)

What is mentoring?

The relationship between mentor and mentee is one of support and encouragement to assist self-development and learning. It aims to improve professional performance and develop potential.

A successful mentoring relationship will help both the mentor and mentee, through reciprocal, respectful and mutually beneficial learning from each other.

Who can be a mentee?

Current UniSC students and alumni who would like the benefits of having an alumni mentor are eligible to register with UniSC Mentoring and take part in the program.

How UniSC Mentoring works

UniSC Mentoring gives you the opportunity to connect with one or more UniSC graduates (alumni) for a 30 or 60-minute career conversation in your areas of interest via video or phone for free using the UniSC Mentoring online platform (powered by Firsthand).

How to register

Visit the UniSC Mentoring platform, click on 'Get Advice', then 'Register now' to create your profile, including your photo, career goals, roles, industries, and locations you're interested in working in. Be sure to include a personal message in your profile about what you are hoping to achieve from mentoring. It's quick and easy!

NOTE: During the registration process you will receive an email to verify your email address.

How to find a mentor and book a consultation

Once you have registered, mentors will automatically appear based on the closest matches in the system, but we recommend you also browse alumni profiles to find others who may be of interest using the various search fields. If you can't find a relevant mentor, contact with your request and we will help you find one.

To connect with a mentor, click on their profile to request a consultation on a topic they offer.

Suggest three times based on their availability, giving them at least 2-3 days notice as they are volunteers often in busy roles so may need time to respond.

Include a message outlining what you'd like to get out of the consultation. Submit your request and wait for the mentor to accept, decline or or suggest new times.

Types of consultations

Mentees can select one of three kinds of consultations based on what mentors have chosen to offer:

  • Career conversation – a 30-minute consultation where the mentee can ask general questions or seek advice on specific topics that the mentor offers.
  • Resume critique – a 60-minute consultation on the mentee’s resume (emailed through prior) which could focus on experience, information gaps, educational opportunities and applying for jobs.
  • Mock interview – a 60-minute consultation including a 30-minute mock interview based on a typical industry interview, followed by feedback on the mentee’s responses and experience.
How the consultation works

Once your consultation is confirmed, you will be sent a conference number for your country to dial in to for free via your phone or VoIP with the option to enable video at the appointment time. You will receive a reminder email or text on the day of the consultation. Provide feedback on your consultation once complete. You can message the mentor and share files at any time via the platform.

NOTE: Mentoring works best on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. We encourage you to use these browsers for a successful consultation experience.

How to make the most of having a mentor  
  1. Have clear goals – identify what you want to get out of the program and seek out mentors with experience in your chosen field.
  2. Plan your questions in advance - the 'Informational Interviews' document on StudentHub can help with this.
  3. Act professionally – keep a professional attitude and be prepared for the consultations with your mentor.
  4. Show respect – be considerate of your mentor’s time. Be clear, but succinct in any discussions and comments.
  5. Be flexible – understand that you and your mentor are busy and have competing demands. Consider booking another consultation if you look like going over the allotted time.
  6. Learn and act – your mentor can offer feedback and insights which can to enable you to develop and improve. Listening and acting on this feedback may help your professional development and contribute to your career success.
  7. Be responsible – it is your choice to make any changes to your life. A mentor can communicate useful information and advice but you need to consider if it is appropriate for you and your situation.
  8. Show appreciation – express your thanks for any assistance you receive.
Benefits of having a mentor

Being a part of the UniSC Mentoring program has benefits, both personal and professional. These include:

  • Opportunity for your professional development and networking
  • Receiving guidance on your career path and exploring career opportunities
  • Developing self-awareness and a greater understanding of your abilities
  • Developing new skills and improving your industry knowledge
  • Exploring new ideas and your areas of interest
  • Receiving guidance on your professional development
  • Assisting with your transition from university to the workforce
  • Receiving job search advice and tips
  • Improving your understanding of the relevance of your study to the workplace
Earn UniSC Student Leadership Award points

Being a part of the UniSC Mentoring program also provides the opportunity for professional development and so is included in the UniSC Student Leadership Award program.

To earn points towards this Award, simply register as a mentee in UniSC Mentoring.

Each time you complete a consultation via phone/video, you can earn 10 Leadership points under the 'Leadership Enrichment' category.

Any further questions on the UniSC Student Leadership Award, email

Foundations of a Mentor–Mentee relationship

As a mentee, building a successful relationship with a mentor relies on a key foundation of:

  • Respect
  • Confidentiality
  • Professionalism
  • Understanding and acceptance of diversity

Your mentor is a trusted advisor who will invest time, energy and personal know-how to assist your growth and ability. It is important to respect their time and commitment in assisting you on your professional career path.

Frequently asked questions

What information is required to create a profile?

  • Full Name
  • Preferred email address (that you monitor or receive notifications for)
  • Mobile phone number * 
  • Field of study you are enrolled in 
  • Student ID

Please note: Program administrators perform routine updates on user profile information. This includes but is not limited to data matching with UniSC records and ensuring phone numbers and program information is entered correctly in the fields provided. Users can add/update information at any time by logging in to the platform and selecting "Edit Profile".

* Your mobile phone number is required to use this service and book consultations with alumni mentors. This ensures you receive notifications and reminders about your booking requests or changes to scheduled meetings. If you have not provided a mobile phone number during registration, your mobile number provided to UniSC during enrollment will be automatically added. Standard data charges may apply to receive text messages. You can modify your preferred mobile phone number by logging in to the platform and selecting "Edit Profile". If you do not have a mobile phone number or wish to register or continue using the UniSC Firsthand mentoring platform without a mobile phone number, please contact

Can mentors or other mentees see my email or phone number?

No. Your email address and phone number are not shared with the mentor or seen by other mentees as phone calls, video chatting, messaging and file-sharing are all handled within the platform. However, you can choose to give your contact details to mentors if you wish.

What should I do if I can no longer take part in my scheduled consultation?

Please give your mentor a minimum of 24 hours' notice if you must cancel your consultation meeting. You are able to reschedule the session by requesting a new consultation time with your mentor.

What happens if I miss my consultation or do not respond to mentors in time?

If you do not attend your consultation or provide adequate notice (at least 24 hours) before cancelling/rescheduling and this occurs twice in one month, your mentoring profile will be temporarily suspended. Mentors may also request to reschedule the day or time of the meeting. If you do not respond, the booking request will expire. If this occurs more than twice in one month, your mentoring profile will be temporarily suspended. You will receive an email from UniSC to notify you if this occurs.

What if I wish to withdraw from the UniSC Mentoring program?

If you would no longer like to have access to the UniSC Mentoring program, please send your request to UniSC Alumni Relations.

The mentoring platform is run by Firsthand, an affiliate of Infobase Holdings Inc (the Platform). By accessing the Platform, you agree to any terms of access or use imposed by Firsthand. UniSC does not provide any warranty, or assume any responsibility (to the extent permitted by law) regarding the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information through the Platform or the quality, accuracy, source, merchant-ability, fitness for purpose or any other aspect of the material on the Platform, nor does UniSC warrant that material on the Platform does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any other person.