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Equipment and software

The BASC Lab is equipped for experiments and studies of urban climate affected by urban design and town planning, particularly those involving conditions of temperature, humidity, ventilation, sunlight and human thermal comfort.

Experimental equipment

  • Thermal Camera
  • Human Comfort Meter
  • Camera (with fisheye lens)
  • Fisheye lens for mobile phone
  • Infrared thermometer (Pirometers)
  • Air quality monitor
  • UV light meter
  • Light meter
  • Sound level meter
  • Laser distance meter
  • Faro 360 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanner


  • SketchUp
  • ENVI-met
  • Cognitive Work Analysis (CWA)
  • ArcGIS Pro
State-of-the-art CAVE2TM 3D visualisation studio