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Bike Hub and locker application form

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2.0 Agreement

Bike Hub / End of Trip Facilities Conditions of Use
  1. Use of the End of Trip Facilities is at the User’s own risk and responsibility. The User is responsible for the security of their bicycle or any other piece of equipment stored within the Bike Hub. Use of additional security measures, such as locks, is strongly recommended.
  2. Use of the Bike Hub is on a “first-in first served” basis. Bike Hub Users are not guaranteed a bicycle parking place within the enclosure and must use alternative parking if the Bike Hub is at capacity.
  3. Bike Hub Users must: a. Respect the rights of other users; b. Not claim or attempt to claim any particular bicycle storage rack for their sole use; c. Not remove from a bicycle storage rack, or interfere with, another user’s bicycle; d. Not damage or vandalise any part of the Bike Hub; e. Not assist or permit other persons to gain unauthorised access to the Bike Hub; f. Dismount and mount their bicycle outside the Bike Hub; g. Must not ride their bicycles inside the enclosure.
  4. If a student or staff identification card is damaged or lost, the user is required to notify SafeUniSC or Facilities Management immediately.
  5. Student or staff identification cards are for personal use only and must not be transferred or used by another to gain access to the Bike Hub, as per the conditions of student and staff identification cards.
  6. Note that audits are done at the end of each semester (half yearly) on all Bike Hub / End of Trip Facilities and racks. Bikes that are not being used will be tagged then removed after two weeks to be disposed of or used for our Recycle a Bicycle Programme.

Personal Lockers Conditions of Use
  1. Applicants can obtain their personal locker combination via the online registration for locker and lock or through the Customer Service Centre.
  2. NOTE: All lockers are to be cleared after the exam period at the end of each semester before the semester break commences.
  3. Upon release of all lockers, an access audit will be conducted, and a review of locker allocation will occur after the exam period at the end of each semester.
  4. Lockers cannot be used to store perishables, food, stolen or illegal items.
  5. Lockers should be securely fastened/locked at all times. Valuables should not be stored in lockers. All items stored in the locker are the responsibility of the user.
  6. The University reserves the right to access and inspect lockers.
  7. The University reserves the right to reallocate lockers where lockers are found to be used inappropriately or insufficiently utilised.
  8. Should a locker user not comply with any of the above conditions, the University reserves the right to terminate the rights of the user at any time, invalidate the access.
  9. The University reserves the right to amend these conditions of use from time to time without notice.